Seiko Watches-QXQ008BLH
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  • Traditional alder mantel clock with pendulum

  • Ornamental dial with applied numerals

  • Westminster/Whittington quarter-hour chime, hourly strikes

  • Night time chime silencer and volume control

  • Brown alder case

    Model: QXQ008BLH

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The striking Seiko Mantel Chime is designed with a hand-rubbed rich brown alderwood case showcasing intricately carved flourishes for an authentic old-world appearance. Perfect for the home or office, this charming timepiece includes gold-leaf column accents, solid wood legs, and a strong glass window. The lovely metal dial includes black vine-pattern filigree offsetting the golden Roman numeral hour markers. The clock also includes a sunray brass pendulum. The clock offers both Westminster and Whittington quarter hour chimes with hourly strikes. It also includes a volume control feature and nighttime chime silencer.
UPC: 029665135636